Upcoming 2019 Canadian Election

The 2019 Canadian federal election is scheduled for October 21, 2019. As the date approaches our televisions, radios, sidewalks and social media platforms will be inundated with political campaign ads vying for our attention and support in an all-out battle for our vote. As voting age citizens we understand how the election process works and have determined our allegiance to a political party based on values and beliefs.


But what about our students? What do they know about the voting process and the habits of active and informed citizens?




Student Vote Canada 2019 provides learning resources that are “intended to improve civic literacy, introduce the concepts of governance and democracy, increase awareness about the workings of government in Canada, and teach students how to effectively participate as active and informed citizens in their community.” The resources are divided into two categories: elementary/intermediate level (grade 4-8) and secondary level (grades 9-12). They cover a wide range of topics related civic literacy topics. Each unit contains several lessons and can be changed and rearranged to meet the needs of students and accommodate their interests. Check out their resources here.


Student Vote Canada 2019 is a program of CIVIX, a non-partisan, national registered charity with a vision to build a strong and inclusive democracy where all young people are ready, willing and able to participate.

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