Practical Training

Resources for both PWT and TST

Guide to Organizing Practicums in the Workplace

Evaluation Toolkit for Work Skills & Training for a Semiskilled Trade

Preparation for the Job Market Curriculum Map




Guide to Vocational Training in English (MEES- 2014)


The One-Week Job Project: The One-Week Job Project was created by Sean Aiken who worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to discover his passion.

Up Skills for Work: Resources for developing  and improving employability skills

Emplois d’avenir: Discover jobs with promising futures in Quebec.

Career Bullseyes: An Australian resource that allows students to explore career pathways by selecting a learning area you enjoy.

Career Planning How-To Guides from McGill Career Planning Service: comprehensive guides have been developed to help you during the job search process. You are encouraged to consult them as you write your CV or cover letter, prepare for an interview, job fairs.


Prework Training (PWT): Preparation for the Job Market, Introduction to the World of Work, Work Skills

PWT_Work Skills_Overview

PWT_Preparation for the Job Market_ Overview

PWT_Introduction to the World of Work_Overview

Introduction to the World of Work Curriculum Map

Training for a Semiskilled Trade (TST): Preparation for the Job Market, Preparation for a Semiskilled Trade

TST_Preparation for the Job Market_Summary Overview

TST_Preparation for a Semiskilled Trade_Program Summary