Math, Science and Technology




youcubed – Accessible and practical math
learning resources and tools.

GFletchy – The 3-Act Tasks are
problem-based lessons that
foster students’ curiosity.

Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning by S. Parrish

Teaching Strategies for Improving Algebra Knowledge in Middle and High School

Inclusion in Texas: Inclusive Practices in Math– Understanding Math through a Progressive Approach Model. This website has 23 modules that focus on instructional routines for Mathematical Intervention



Technological & Scientific Experimentation (PWT)



How Stuff Works – This site explains thousands of
topics, ranging from the flu to
black holes to conspiracy
theories, with videos and

Guide to Creating and Inventing with Technology in the Classroom

University of Alberta – This Science Literacy MOOC includes educational and entertaining videos on the following topics: Introduction to Science, Pseudoscience, Critical Thinking, Scientific Methods and Interpreting Evidence.