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Voters in Training, organized by Élections Québec, is an educational activity which aligns with several parts of the Prework Training curriculum, and could be adapted to correlate with parts of the ELA curriculum for both Prework Training and Training for a Semiskilled Trade. Register before September 15th to receive the materials required to hold a simulated election in your classroom or school, including ballot boxes, ballots and related teaching resources.

Curriculum links

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In Autonomy & Social Participation “Learning about the right to vote” is part of the theme “Society,” one of the six content themes in ASP (see page 17).

“The Roles of Citizens and the State in Québec Society” can be found in the program content of C2 “Builds a sense of belonging to Québec society” in Geography, History & Citizenship (see pages 28, 29 and 31).

The English Language Arts programs for Prework Training and Training for a Semiskilled Trade both contain the following quote:

“Our experiences in the worlds of family, work and community are increasingly mediated by powerful types of discourse: texts that represent sociocultural values and beliefs, promote viewpoints, and influence our actions in society, from the way we vote to the food we eat. Reading today involves more than simply the capacity to decode. Whether the text in question is a mystery story, an advertisement or a television commercial, its codes and conventions communicate its genre(s), as well as its multiple meaning(s)/message(s).”  (see page 10 of PWT ELA and page 109 of TST ELA).

Follow the campaigns

A close look at the media/advertising campaigns of the various parties could be an interesting complement to a simulated vote, and help our students become more knowledgeable “readers” of media messages. 

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