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Two New Semiskilled Trades

The Directory of Semiskilled Trades has recently been updated for 2017 – 2018, and two new Semiskilled Trades have been added: Moccasin Maker and Exterior Siding Cleaner. These additions offer several new competencies for Prework Training students to chose from and two new qualification opportunities for interested students in the Semiskilled Trades program.

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Making the Grade: End-of-Year Evaluation and Reporting

Throughout the year you assess your students’ strengths and challenges, discover gaps in their learning, and adjust the content and approach of your teaching. You also invite them to participate in assessing their learning and encourage them to articulate their goals and interests. So, how does evaluation and reporting work within the WOTP?

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Welcome to WorkPress: WOTP Community News

Welcome to WorkPress: WOTP Community News. Beginning February 2018, WorkPress will offer information and inspiration for the WOTP community. Whether you are a teacher, technician/job coach, consultant, principal or guidance counsellor, WorkPress will keep you informed as you teach or support the Prework Training and Training for a Semiskilled Trade programs in schools.

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